In a world where there are so many office technology suppliers

How do you know who is the best?

In a world where there are so many solutions from many different manufacturers

How do you know which would work best for you?

At Office Fox we take a different approach:

Our partners are carefully selected based on our intimate knowledge of their business, either through working with or even working for them. Whether it's through one of our Manufacturers directly or through one of our dealers, the one thing you are guaranteed are the very highest standards of service/support available in our industry.

We don't employ our own engineers, we take advantage of our Partners servicing capabilities.

We know they offer the very best solutions an
    We offer full support for
  • Mailing Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Print & Photocopiers
  • Scanning devices & Software
  • IT services and support
  • Finance options
  • Franking & Hybrid Mail Solutions

    At Office Fox, we supply a wide range of packaging and mailing solutions Including ALL 4 of the Main manufacturers in the UK. This mailing equipment is well suited to the various requirements for different clients. We offer the best customer focus an

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  • Print/Photocopiers

    At Office Fox we pride ourselves on supplying New and existing Clients with market leading technology, advice and service that add value to your organisation. We applied the same ethos to our Managed print division and most importantly listened to wh

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  • Office Fox Furniture

    Are you interested in procuring furniture that is functional and sourced with a lot of care? Try us at Office Fox Furniture! We take office furniture supplies seriously and ensure that you get the best value for money when you buy from us every time.

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  • Scanning Devices/ Back Scanning & Certified Destruction of Documents

    There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing a scanner for your business, Office Fox offers a huge variety of scanners to fit any business need. Quick question, what do you anticipate you'll be scanning, and at what volume?

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