In a world where there are so many office technology suppliers

How do you know who is the best?

In a world where there are so many solutions from many different manufacturers

How do you know which would work best for you?

At Office Fox we take a different approach:

Our partners are carefully selected based on our intimate knowledge of their business, either through working with or even working for them. Whether it’s through one of our Manufacturers directly or through one of our dealers, the one thing you are guaranteed are the very highest standards of service/support available in our industry.

We don’t employ our own engineers, we take advantage of our Partners servicing capabilities.

We know they offer the very best solutions and the best levels of service/support but as our relationships stem over many years we also know that they share the same values of customer service excellence, integrity and a commitment to long term relationships. We will not be restricted to 1 particular supplier in any Office Equipment environment and this enables us to scan the market for the best possible solution on our clients behalf.

Our industry leading knowledge and experience aligned with an unparalleled range of technology and solutions enables us to provide you with totally unbiased recommendations focused solely on your needs and objectives.