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Are you interested in procuring furniture that is functional and sourced with a lot of care? Try us at Office Fox Furniture! We take office furniture supplies seriously and ensure that you get the best value for money when you buy from us every time. We have a good selection of desks, seating furniture, space planning and floor designing services, along with storage furniture and installation services. We also offer furniture removal services.

Office Fox has a fabulous selection of office storage products that raises the bar. Our products include bookcases, filling cabinets, roll door cupboards and spacious classroom storage units that keep the office tidy and organised. We supply the best furniture at competitive rates and grand quality. With clients in sectors such as hospitality, commercial and NHS residential health care among others, Office Fox has carved a niche in sourcing the most affordable furniture for companies across the UK. If your needs fit our supplies, we cater to what you want! In case you want an installation service or even a removal of all furniture, just give us a call!

No matter what your storage requirements, we offer the best storage solution in the whole of the UK. Find out if the best storage products and connect with us at the “Get in touch page”. This includes a free delivery on orders over £150.
if you wish to get in touch, please email: [email protected]

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