Going Green

Office Fox green credentials are extremely important and at the top of our agenda is helping customer to reduce their carbon footprint through our digital transformation services. We have set a target that By 2040 Office Fox’s global goal is to reduce all logistics related emissions to zero. Alongside this global plan, we support the environment closer to home with on-going initiatives such as Schools, Colleges tree planting initiatives in the local community, If you would like to work with us get in touch! Contact – enquiries@officefox.co.uk

Office Fox 7 Advanced Going Green Strategies

    The seven green business tips below will help your organization make a real difference:

  • Create an Environmental Management Strategy
  • Participate in electronics recycling
  • Replace appliances with energy-efficient equivalents
  • Go paperless
  • Support other green companies
  • Encourage employees to telecommute
  • Build green from the ground up

Interested in further detail on how to start the above processes? Please contact us and a member of our team will come back to you.